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03 March 2011 @ 05:34 am
Study Analysis: Social Media and College Admissions  
80% Of College Admissions Officers Use Facebook To Check Out Students
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/28/facebook-college-admissions_n_828487.html

This Huffington Post states that 80% of the College Admissions Officers use Facebook to inspect students based on a Kaplan survey that was conducted mid-2010 through the phone.

While the post tried to support the argument by stating relevant sources, such as some specific cases of college admissions officers publicly stating that Facebook presence makes an impact on admission, the actual use of the statistic was off. They did not exactly make it easy to find what Kaplan survey stated such things and the actual statistic used on the Kaplan website is 82%, not just “more than 80%.” It is not consistent to talk about 80% specifically on the title but just state that it is more than 80% in the article itself. It may make more sense seeing 82% may throw off the reader if it was stated only in the article and not the title but why was 80% used in the title, rather than the specific statistic? Still, they tried to find other sites that could support the view, which was a good way to handle something survey-based.

Also, this may be an issue with both interpreting and conducting the survey but the actual discussion that may have occurred on the phone is unknown to exactly what “[using] Facebook to recruit prospective students” meant to each admissions officer. They may have seen it as just a one-way route, where social media gets used to promote and encourage admissions to said college, or it could have been meant both ways, where the officers actually judge potential students. The actual article implies it is more of the latter but when looking at the survey results from Kaplan directly, it is somewhat uncertain what exactly that comment entails. Also, while the basic information is given about the survey (amount of people and method of survey), why were the responses multiple choice only? If there was any confusion or misunderstanding at all, it would be unclear because of the binary variables, assuming the survey was automatic rather than through personal phone calls.

Kaplan survey results: http://www.kaptest.com/pdf_files/Highlights-from-Kaplans-2010-College-Admissions-Officers-Survey.pdf
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