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18 June 2011 @ 09:38 am
I love you like a love song or school or sleep  
Fresh Orange: Selena Gomez & The Scene - I Love You like a Love Song (official audio)

I have no idea why this song keeps distracting me, seeing I actually do love the song like I love love songs... which means I both love and hate the song. Is it just or me are there a lot of songs about describing someone or love as something else, particularly as a melody or as a drug [dealer]? Ha, then there is the Mike Posner version where he actually falls in love with his drug-dealer? Back to music.

I'm all for metaphors and similes, heck, comparisons are what I do best, but when the same comparisons are continuously made... it can weaken the appeal. Sort of like with love in movies and the media. You hear it is the best thing ever but you also see it so often, that you wonder if it is more hyped than it should be. What happened to everlasting love? Then again, most of the songs wouldn't exist if they didn't talk about love or compare love..., if not showcasing love for something. Hm, well something to look forward to, finding songs about something being like a song. Fun circle there.

Want to learn more about similes and metaphors through examples in songs?

Yeah, there really was no point to this entry but when is there ever really a point for most of my entries? Haha. I should be more productive right now but I keep getting distracted by some random thing I hear or read... and I figured why not feel somewhat productive and write in here?

Maybe in the next three hours, I'll have something productive done before I have to head on out to see X-Men. My friend is actually planning to write about X-Men as a good way to demonstrate society... and while I was afraid to ask more due to lack of viewing, I'm looking forward to seeing the movie and trying to pick up any connections that she can bring forth.

Squeezed Orange: White Town - Your Woman
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