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08 September 2012 @ 01:03 pm
Feminity is not normal  
Yesterday my co-worker (male) was looking for bed/living room things on Urban Outfitters and I came across something interesting:
What you see are four room options: Feminine with two girls, Industrial with a guy and two girls, Boho with a girl and a guy, and Modern with two guys.

I know I'm thinking too much but it made me think about favorite colors. Rarely do you hear a guy say his favorite color is pink and not get a double take from someone surrounding him but when a girl says she loves blue, it's no big deal. Blue has been used for baby boys but it's not JUST masculine. It's normal. However, pink has long been associated with femininity or females, and if a guy is wearing pink or likes pink, he's making a statement of some sort. He must really be comfortable with his sexuality or himself. This means his sexuality or gender comes into question by associating with anything feminine. I don't really hear "Wow, she must be comfortable with her sexuality for wearing _." Granted, you may not be thought of as feminine enough if you're rarely associating yourself with what is feminine but it's the opposite for guys where they are fine as long as they steer clear of what is feminine. In other words, feminine is not the norm.

This example has guys in everything but Feminine Living Room. When you look at the other rooms of the same style, such as bathroom or bedroom, it's the same deal. I even asked my co-worker, if there is a feminine room style, is there one for masculine? He just answered that all were for masculine. Then when I brought up how weird it was that there were no guys in the feminine room style, he said that feminine is not just for girls. Well, why don't I see guys there but I see guys in everything else? If it's not being portrayed as girls only, why do I only see girls? It's almost like it's some forbidden or restricted world, where people can come out of there but only select people can go in. I don't get it. I may be the only one seeing this though. Something to think about... when I do actually label things and could my labeling be harmful with even such subtle things. I mean I've joked about people being lazy and that didn't really hit the right spot for someone, which was not at all what I intended but I need to remember to think before speaking, even if my intentnion is purely joking.

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Jarrellmyjiveislikewo on November 10th, 2012 04:37 pm (UTC)
In Mexico, it has became acceptable for males to wear pink, regardless of sexuality. Nobody gets frowned upon anymore if they suddenly decide to wear pink. I assumed this was everywhere lol
Ke: darknessgraveled on November 11th, 2012 05:27 pm (UTC)
Sadly not, from what I can tell. I mean gay guys, no one says anything, but there are still comments about "being secure with your sexuality" or something similar for straight guys -_-

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